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is a singer songwriter, a third culture kid. Born in Mexico City and migrating at the age of 2. She was raised traveling between airports & hotels.

An eccentric and rootless upbringing, Marion made music her home early on. 

Subject to the whims of her ex beauty queen mother, they moved around 22 times by the time Marion was 12, leading to endless daydreaming, cocooned between headphones and suitcases, in search of belonging. 


She has a multidisciplinary background as a singer songwriter and visual artist. Drawing on her multi-faceted biography, her work centers around identity, family and of course, love in all the wrong places.

Marion has been the recipient of a scholarship and FONCA award for her project entitled Mummy Dearest,(2009) a mixed media piece that explored mental health and gender. Shifting her focus from the visual arts to the musical, she then went on to dive deep into music forming a band in Mexico City called Love la Femme.


[This is her debut as a solo artist] She is now debuting as a solo artist and spends her time between 

Mexico and the U.S.

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